• A 50-50 blend of Arabica and Robusta for traditional filter coffee with milk. The Arabica used is dark roasted dense, high altitude beans generally used for specialty black coffee. The Robusta is picked and processed with care usually reserved for the finest Arabicas. This is an attempt at seeing how far we can take traditional filter coffee if we use the best beans.
  • Here the whole fruit with all the pulp and skin intact is put out to dry. The slow ferment and drying leads to thick body, fruity notes and syrupy wine like sweetness. The process is easy to do but hard to get right because each cherry dries at a different rate. Also a tough one to roast.
  • A dark roast that brings out rich chocolate flavours. Good for a flavour bomb filter coffee with milk, and for people looking for smoothness in darker roasts.
  • A collection of the most interesting experiments at the farm this season - special, tiny batches of 10-15 kilos each. The skin of the coffee fruit is removed, and the bean with pulp sticking on is fermented like dosa batter, using microbial cultures and natural sugars in anaerobic conditions. A close watch on the temperature, pH and the pace of fermentation results in unique flavour profiles in each batch. This is our most special coffee yet.
  • This is bright like berry and mellow like tea. Won't wake you up, but you can drink more of it. In the honey process the skin of the coffee cherry is mechanically removed, and the pulp is left sticking onto the beans. The pulp is high on sugar and this is referred to as 'honey'. The pulp covered beans are fermented and sun-dried on raised beds. Because the pulp is partly removed and exposed, the fermentation is quick and uniform.
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