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Dark Roast - Sampler Pack 2x100g

Rs. 700

2 x 100g Dark roast

1. Black Honey
The skin of the coffee cherries are removed using a machine called ‘Pulper’. The beans come covered in pulp, which looks and taste like honey. The beans covered in this gooey pulp is sun-dried, producing a balanced fruit-and-nut cup in high clarity and body.

2. Yellow Honey
Like Black Honey, the skin is removed using the ‘Pulper’ machine. The pulp (‘Honey’) is hosed and rubbed down, using a machine called ‘Washer’. The beans covered in only a thin layer of pulp are put to sun-dry. Produces rich nutty flavours with a dash of fruitiness at high clarity.

Brews well in: Pour Over, Aeropress, French Press

Who is it for

For people that appreciate delicate flavours


High complexity, novelty, nearly no bitterness

Dark Roast - Sampler Pack 2x100g

Rs. 700

How often do I order?

Considerations: Whole beans stay good for 6 to 8 weeks. Pre-ground lasts for 3-4 weeks after grinding. Medium roasts lasting longer than Dark. Pre-ground is better than a bad grinder.

What are the basic equipments required for brewing?

For Milk Coffee – Moka Pot (select the right size for you)

For Black Coffee – Aeropress and a fast thermometer

After this, the first tool in the kit is a good grinder.

Can you help us with the brewing process?

Sure! We have brew guides that you can download and study. In case you need personal assistance, you can book a slot for a personal session over the phone. Call 9606077069.

Why are your coffees expensive?

Our prices reflect the quality of labour that goes into producing the quality of coffees that we cherish serving.

What is the first coffee I should try?

For milk, try the Filter Blend, Robusta is your friend, and always go for dark roasted beans. For Black coffee, familiar nutty flavours can be found in Yellow Honey, or Washed, roasted Dark. That’s a good starting point. If you’re specifically looking for a medium roast, try the Double Ferment, or Carbonic Maceration, for complexity in sweetness and acidity.

Why is your shipping Rs 100 flat?

We use Bluedart, for lightning quick delivery, and small orders cost us more. It’s capped at 100 to offer a small discount for larger orders.

Trust the Process


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